Wii U – Captain Toad – Treasure tracker


A game from a while ago but now it’s fun to play again!  I was almost counting the days when this game would finally be out. In mario 3D world there were a few levels where you would have to play with toad. I’m guessing they did these small levels to test it on a big audience. A lot of people wanted to see more and so they made a whole game out of it! Wanna know more?


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Captain Toad treasure hunter is a 3D puzzle game. Toad has a large backpack on his back and that is why he can’t jump or run fast. This makes it tough for toad to get all of the diamonds in every level. In every level the objective is to reach the star. All you can do is walk forward so it’s gonna take a little insight in how to get to the star. You can turn your view of every level and that way you find hidden entrances or other ways to walk. In every level you can get 3 diamonds. You don’t need them directly but after some levels you need to continue the story and have a certain amount of diamonds.


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The music, storyline and colorfull surroundings make the game so fun to play that I honestly couldn’t stop. I played it two days in a row and was a little bit dissapointed that I already finished the game. I’m a true puzzle queen so the levels were not super difficult for me to play. It became more difficult in the end but I was already eager for more! This means the game was amazing and I really (really!) hope they are going to make more!

It took me about 10-12 hours to complete the game. I never had to go back for more diamonds because I already had enough everytime. There is also a bonus for people who own mario 3D world. You can play as toad in the same levels. This feature I didn’t explore much, played a few levels but it wasn’t as fun as the regular toad puzzle levels.

Toughness of the game:
The game is a lot of fun when you are a beginner, but also for expert gamers it can be challenging.

Hours of gameplay:
As I said it took me about 10-12 hours, I think this is short but maybe a more inexperienced gamer would have a longer experience.

I grade the game with an 8 because of how beautifull it looked and it was an awesome gameplay experience.



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