May – Free Playstation 4 games


Don’t forget to check out the free games for members of Playstation Plus from may. I actually like 2 out of 3 this month! If you have a paying subscription you get free games every month. The games you get are very random. Most of them are Indie games but you also get a few very cool ones. For example I got Rocket League for free and this has grown out to be one of the most populair free games ever. Continue reading for the games of May.

So check out the new games free to download for ps4 (if you have a subscription…) from this month!


  • Switch Galaxy UltraPS4, PS Vita

This is a fun game for games who have quick reflexes. You have a rocket and you’re flying through space over a course. You need to quickly dodge obstacles by switching courses. The story is told through comic pages. This is a little bit far fetched in my opinion so I just skipped it. The game is a lot and gets more difficult per level. I recommend downloading this one!


  • Table Top Racing: World TourPS4

Yes, finally a racing game! So I thought. I played a few rounds myself and with friends and got bored quit quickly. I feels like a slow, rough mario kart game. You ride trough bubbels which give you weapons or turbo’s. The courses are not that long and the driving is just not that flexible. Drifting is possible but one with the right tires. It is because I played Mario Kart and like it so much that I can’t like this racing game. If you haven’t played Mario Kart it could be a lot more fun for you!


  • Tropico 5PS4

Didn’t know this game and my boyfriend told me this is actually a good game. It is a game where you build your own town/regime. You are the President and you fight for your independence of your state. You need to keep your citizens happy and make sure you get reelected every time. It feels like a mobile game where you can build your city only then finally with enough content to be fulfilling. I am still a beginner in this game but it truly is very addictive. One minus is the fact that there is a bug in the tutorial mode. Easy fixed by saving the game, quit and start it again. Still it was very annoying that I searched for the new mission for 15 minutes and it didn’t appear anywhere. After I rebooted the game it appeared thankfully. I recommend this game to people who like rollercoaster, simcity or any other building game (sims?). I can’t wait to explore more about this game!





2 thoughts on “May – Free Playstation 4 games

  1. Tropico 5 klinkt wel als een leuk spelletje, ik houd van Sims en Rollercoaster Tycoon dus ik denk dat ik dit ook wel leuk vind. Ik moet toch echt weer eens op de Playstation gaan gamen :’)


    1. Jaa playstation blijft leuke spellen houden en zo’n spelletje als tropico 5 had ik niet verwacht. Super fijn om zo’n game met groot beeldscherm te spelen ipv de sims op klein laptopscherm 😛


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