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The Leage of Regrettable Superheroes

Have you ever heard of the super heroes named: Skate man, Rainbow Boy, Spider Queen of Mother Hubbard?? They all exist but never became as popular as Superman, batman or Iron man. I got a cute little book in my loot crate : The league of regrettable Superheroes by Jon Morris. I laughed my pants of with it so I decided I’d share  a bit about the book and one of the crazy characters with you. Curious?? Keep on reading!

The book I got from loot crate (a monthly crate with nerdy surprise goodies) contains 50 regrettable superheroes. The original book is for sale and has 100 regrettable superheroes. I’m guessing there are quit a few more to find… But about he book:

This book is built up in time. First the Golden Age of comics (1938 – 1949). In this time superheroes were new and extremely popular. Superman made his debut in 1938 ‘Action Comics #1’ . Before Superman was invented people could only come up with stories about strong action heroes. For example the comics: Spider, the Shadow and Doc Savage. The heroes in these stories didn’t have superpowers but the ingredients were there. For example: they fight evil and have a hidden identity. Some of theme even wore costumes. The only thing missing is the superpower. So when Superman was invented it led to all kinds of stories and everyone tried to invent a cool superhero. A lot of them are known till this day and became very popular throughout the years. I will now share one who didn’t make the cut:

Regrettable Superhero number 1:


‘The Bouncer’ – ‘Call me the Bouncer, because I bounced the laziness out of your soul!’

Yes, his superpower is bouncing and did you read his catchphrase? Seems more of an advertisement to keep people working. His secret identity: a statue. (I don’t know how he keeps that up??) The Bouncer is supposed to represent the mythological figure Atheus (In the comics written as Antaes) and he has wrestled with the mighty Hercules himself. The comic version Antaes gets his strength from the earth (so does the legendary Antheus) but the superpower given to him in the comics makes it that he ‘bounces’ back from every fall. Yes, like a rubber ball. He can also pass his superpower on to his children, so they will bounce with him when there old enough I guess.

In every superhero story there also has to be a super villain and in the stories of the Bouncer is the bad guy called ‘Glow Worm’ and ‘Mr. Lucifer’. Mr. Lucifer is a circus clown who keeps on saying that he is the devil.

So, funny? I got all the information from the book (thank you loot crate for this funny gift) I also plan to present more of these regrettable superheroes to you, if you like.


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