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Being Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad!


YAY, new  header for my blog! So occasionally I like to dress up. I bought the shirt that Harley Quinn was wearing in the movie Suicide Squad and decided to do an inspired look with the same hair and make-up. I still want the jacket she wears in the movies but that will be in stock soon. I will show it to you guys when I have it. For now in this blogpost I will tell you about the movie and the spin-off that is going to happen. Besides the fact that I’m totally using this post to show off my crazy Harley Quinn look. Enjoy and keep reading..!


The movie Suicide Squad is from the makers of DC and sort of a sequel after Batman vs. Superman. In reality there is just one thing you need to know about Batman vs. Superman and still that will be explained shortly in the movie. So for the people who haven’t seen the movie or thought it sucked (you are also lame in that case) I tell you that you don’t need to see it before you watch Suicide Squad.

So. The movie is basically about a group of bad guys teamed up together by the government to fight evil that the humans can’t handel. Wow, I guess that summed it up pretty good already. So why do you need to see a movie that is explained in one sentence? Well they do the storytelling very good. At first you see the bad guys summed up and everyone gets a backstory. Deadshot (Will Smith) has one of the biggest back story’s together with Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie). They have the most interesting story’s. Since I don’t do spoilers this is all I can tell.

The rest of the story is about the group coming together to fight the evil that is luring and destroying the city. It’s a pretty long movie but interesting and funny from the start. I love the atmosphere the DC movies has and I think Suicide Squad is super awesome, even for people who aren’t fans. So don’t hesitate to watch it!

So on to the news of this week!! YES YES YES Harley Quinn gets a spin-off! She is the first of the female bad guys to get a spin off. They also want to do more with female characters but nothing is confirmed yet. I think maybe Batgirl was implied in the conversations but as I said, it’s not for sure. So in order to celebrate the Harley Quinn spin off I will post another one of my pictures being a crazy ass Harley Quinn. I can’t wait for more news about the spin-off. I’ll keep u updated!



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