Playstation VR is coming out in 2 days!


I’m so curious to experience the Playstation VR! October the 13th 2016 is the launch date and of course I ordered mine months ago. In this post I will tell you all about the VR experience and the games coming out on the launch date. (I’ve read so many articles that I will compile the most relevant information for you) I had to choose between a couple of games and finally I decided to get ‘Loading Human’. I was actually rooting for ‘Far Point’ but that doesn’t come out on the launch date. (shame though) My husband is also getting a VR helmet and he’s getting ‘VR worlds’ as his first game. So in this post I will tell you about the VR helmet and the games ‘VR Worlds’ and ‘Loading Human’. Enjoy!

Playstation VR (€399,-)

First things first. Is the playstation VR really as revolutionary as it’s supposed to be? Well the first reviews seem to be really good and that’s for the most part because of the experience. The helmet seems to fit comfortably and when it’s installed properly the experience seems to be overwhelming at first. But now I’m getting ahead of myself because the thing needs to be installed first.

With the helmet there is also a box that you have to put in your TV to get a good connexion. You also need a Playstation camera (€59,99) if you don’t already have one. Getting everything installed is something else, you need to sit properly in front of the camera and synchronize the two. So to set up the whole thing get ready for a lot of extra cables and work. But when it’s installed… get ready for some fun!

VR Worlds (€39,99)

This game has 5 different games you can play. The first is called ‘The London Heist’. You can join a crew (gang) and conquer London! You will meet rivals, do some sick robbery’s and become the greatest gang ever. Just don’t get caught in the game though!
The second game is ‘Ocean Descent’. You get to dive into the ocean in a shark cage. Save and sound right? I don’t know the main objective about this game, just that it seems to be super cool to float in the ocean looking at all the fish, plants and…. a shark??
The 3rd game is ‘VR Luge’. This is the racing game of all. You get ride through hills, cities, boost from other vehicles and well, you know, just race I think?!
The 4th game is ‘Danger Ball’. This is the new version of ‘Ping-Pong’ I guess. You can join events and eventually also compete in tournaments.
The 5th and last game is ‘Scavengers Odyssy’. You’re searching for an ancient artifact in your alien spaceship. On the planet there is some climbing, jumping and shooting against enemy’s involved. Sounds super cool right?

I kept everything short on purpose, because in the end it’s all about the experience. Here’s the trailer of VR worlds:


Loading Human (€39,99)

So this is the game I picked to be my first. This is said to be the adventure game of the future. Your father is dying and searching for your help. He is a well-known scientist of course and askes of you to come to the south pool to help with an intergalactic quest for the Kwintessens. This is supposed to be an infinite source of energy who can turn around the aging process. Yeah, this is basically what the story is. I’m hoping (and it is advertised with) that the story has a lot of freedom. You know, exploring and stuff. It is said you can move around freely and decide your own path. Interact with whoever you want will have an effect on how you play the game. I really need to see if this is actually the case but it sure does sound awesome right?!

So here’s the trailer 😉



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