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Playstation VR extended first experience


YES YES YES. I’m super hyped about the VR, but you obviously knew that already because of my last blogpost. There were a few hiccups because I ordered it online and I was working during the time it came. I stressed, freaked, jumped and finally gave up on the thought I got to play on the day it came out. But luck was on my side and when I got home, 20 minutes later the VR glasses arrived! In this post I will take you with me on my first experience with virtual reality. Was it as awesome as I hoped? Or is nauseating and not really my cup of tea? Read and find out!

Day 1

As I said earlier, I freaked and stressed because I didn’t think the mail man (which turned out to be a woman) would bring the package when I was home. But she did, I signed for it and smiled happily when I ran upstairs into my house. Just one little problem. The games I ordered never got delivered…. How to play if you don’t have a game?! Well, with the VR there is a demo cd where there are (in Holland) 8 demo’s to play. I also went to the store and bought EVE valkyrie.

So then it was time to unpack and install. First the ps4 camera, when you put the cable in, it connects in less then a minute. You can upload your face so that you can login with your face and the controller. It recognizes who I am every time (with or without make-up haha). Now on to the VR. It’s weird how I’m so used to wireless equipment already. Everything with the VR is connected through wires again, kinda old school right?! Anyway the setup was super easy, they put numbers on the cables so you can’t get confused about what’s what and after about 15 minutes I could press the power button. On the TV there are instructions that show how to put on the VR helmet and then continues in the helmet.

So when you’re all installed with the camera in the right place and the helmet calibrated you can start a game. Playstation offers the Playroom VR for free which includes several games which are fun to start with. Most of them are multiplayer games. I played a single player game where I was a little robot and had to search for other 20 robots in distress. When you turn your head in VR you can look around and with your controller you move your little robot. At first movement seems a bit unsteady but that’s something you have to get used to. The key is to stay calm and stop moving whenever you feel uncomfortable. Then breathe and continue. The game looks fun and super cute. I looked up a video showing the gameplay. (The channel PUSH where I saw it is also super cool, you should check it out!) First the gameplay footage of the robot rescue game:

So on day 1 I tried to play EVE valkyrie. The first images weren’t that promising and when I had to fly around in my spaceship I became super dizzy and nauseous. I didn’t even make it out of the tutorial! Quickly I took of my helmet and sat dizzy for a few moments. I wanted to try more but I was just feeling a bit motion sick. This is also a warning for people who are quickly motion sick in cars. If you have that then VR is a challenge. I (of course) have that so it was to predict that I would get motion sick.

When I calmed down and had something to eat and drink (red bull for the sugar) I tried the demo. I played Wayward Sky which was a bit confusing because with the regular controller of the ps4 it’s not really that much fun. It just doesn’t work that well. You need the motion controllers for that game. So I stopped after a few minutes and started up the demo of Rigs. This is a game where you get into a huge robot and have to shoot other robots in sort of an arena. When I walked everything was super cool, I shot an opponent and everything was going well. Until I hit the X button and jumped around with my robot. It went so high and my head was all like -No way- and I had to take off the helmet again. For a couple of minutes I stared in front of me and when my motion sickness calmed down a bit I wasn’t up for more. I had to quit and think about how my first experience was with VR. Here is my conclusion:

The first thing that popped in to my mind was the fact that I didn’t want to play EVE valkyrie no more. I don’t think that I will like the game even if I’m not motion sick from it. So I decided to return it to the store the next day and trade it for the motion controllers. That said the VR experience itself was a bit confusing at first I guess.

The visuals are great! When you’re in a room or place and you look around everything is amazing. It really feels like the objects in front of you are really in front of you. So close you can almost touch it. Just being in this virtual reality and simply looking around is amazing. Just the movement takes a little getting used to.

I read a lot of reviews from other people and I comforted myself with the fact that more people have motion sickness from the VR. AND AND AND!!! They all say it will get better! It’s just a lot to take in with the first experience. When you jump, walk or drive it’s like you’re actually doing it so you feel butterflies when you jump and whatever you feel when you’re in a car? Because it’s such a good experience it’s bound to be a little sickening at the start.

After this whole experience I was determined to explore more. For day 2 I bought the motion controllers and the game ‘Rush of Blood’. I will tell you all about this in my next post. Spoiler alert, it was so much fun!!



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