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New Nintendo Switch console announced!


Lately I’ve been so busy on my playstation 4 and VR that I didn’t even have time for my Nintendo games. But the news of the new Nintendo Switch console got my enthusiastic again! In this post I will share the highlights of the new console and of course the trailer so you can see for yourself!

So the rumors were true about the new console. It will be portable and very multifunctional. The games will come out on cartridges instead of discs. In march 2017 will it come out and I for one can’t wait! The launch game will of course be Zelda, and maybe a Mario game. Anyway, I will keep my post short today and a trailer will be the fastest way to show you everything about the Nintendo Switch. Check it out!

I’m also hearing rumors of the fact that the screen might or might not be touchscreen. My first guess is I don’t think the screen will have it. Simply because the games should be playable from home with a normal controller. I think they’re just gonna use touchscreen on the 3ds next versions and stick to ‘normal’ gaming for the console. I mean you can see that the screen has to fit into the dock to connect it to your home tv.

Are you as excited as me about this announcement? Hope so, just a few more months of waiting (and saving money….)!


2 thoughts on “New Nintendo Switch console announced!

    1. Ja ik denk zelf dat ze wat meer verschil gaan maken tussen de 3ds en de console zoals geen touch screen. Hiermee heb je niet dat het op elkaar gaat lijken ofzo. Ik kan me alleen geen leven indenken zonder de nieuwe Nintendo spellen te kunnen spelen dus ik ga hem zeker bestellen!


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