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New name, new game!


BOOM! New name, new game! It has been quiet around my blog and that’s not because I quit writing. Actually the opposite is true because I am redesigning my website and that takes a while. I couldn’t wait for the new lay out to share my new name so here it is!!

Luminous Nova – The girl who changed the game. Nice to meet you 😉

Yes, I know, the name for my blog is something I have to live up to eventually and I can imagine two outcomes in this scenario.

One is where I rock every game so hard and have super dope skills. This, of course, makes the entire gaming industry change and get millions of females to start gaming. Girl powerrrr!

The other outcome is that I suck at every game and be super annoying so the whole gaming industry starts boy cotting me. They will even make a nickname out of Luminous Nova so that when a person loses in a game they will not call you a loser but a Luminous Nova. (and that’s actually something that rolles of the tong quite easy… )

Yes. That outcome will be so funny. Either way the outcome will be awesome right?

So just click to like me on my Facebook and show your support. I also have different channels you can follow me like twitter or bloglovin. Once a week I will keep u posted about games, geeky stuff and my awesome gamer stories. Never miss a post of the girl who changed the game!

This was Luminous Nova and if you (still) want to know more about the girl behind the blog click [here]


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