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Win! The ultimate relaxed gaming position.


Yes! The first thing you can win on my blog is something you use to relax and unwind. As you can see this is a hanging chair but you can also choose a hammock if you want! In my case I decided to review a hanging chair because I thought that would be super awesome as a gaming position. I mean to use the VR in a hanging chair would make you assume that you have a lot of freedom and mobility right? Well keep on reading to find out, or just go directly to the bottom of the article to find out how you can win a hammock or hanging chair of your choice!

First things first. This hanging chair was sent to me by for me to review and I could do a give away! (Nice of them huh, thank you!! 😉 ) I can already hear you think, a hammock / hanging chair giveaway at a gamer blog? Yes well, I can tell you that hanging while gaming is super chill ! Scroll down to find out how you can win a hammock or hanging chair of your own choice!

Gaming Positions

First about my gaming positions. Sitting, standing, lying and now hanging too! It depends on the game how I position myself, also on the device I guess. I was very curious to try the hanging chair while gaming and I have to say it worked out great!

Sitting while gaming

This position is totally necessary for shooters. I play Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2 at the moment and if I lay back then I suck so much. No kills for Nova! Same goes for Mario games, I mean how do you beat Bowser if you’re in a too relaxed position?

Standing while gaming

VR gaming is something you can stand for but don’t necessarily have to. In certain games you have to move your body too because you have to bend down because things are thrown at you. This happens in Rush of Blood for example. Be careful of your surroundings when you stand in VR though.

Lying while gaming

In bed, on the couch, in a hammock, I don’t really care where I’m at as long as I have my laptop running Civilisation 6. This game takes hours and hours and a lying position is required because of that! (for me at least)


Hanging while gaming

I used the hanging chair to game and it’s super chill. It’s a way to sit while lying at the same time! A bit too comfortable for shooters or Mario games but that’s a good thing right? With the VR I have mobility to move around with my head and the move sticks move around how you need it.
I think it’s best to use the hanging chair while you have your laptop on your lap playing Civilisation 6 or any other computer game. So I’m enthusiastic about this! You can also watch some Netflix, take a power nap or just hook it up to a tree and lay in the sun. Yes, I know, I would love some sun in this freaking cold Holland too but for when that happens, here is how to win a hammock or hanging chair of your choice!

NOTE! The hammock or hanging chair doesn’t come with a standard and the company only ships to NL addresses. (If you leave a reply that you follow me and are from another country then I might do a world wide giveaway soon. So let me know!

The road to win!

  1. Go to the website: and pick your favorite hammock or hanging chair you would like to win.
  2. Post the name of that article in the reactions below and don’t forget to fill in a verified e-mail adress where I can contact you! I will inform the company that you won and you can give your adress directly to them.
  3. Want an extra chance to win? Post in the comments where you follow me, for every channel you follow me on you will get a +1 winning chance!

+1 Facebook like
+1 Instagram follow
+1 Twitter follow

So if you follow me on all of my channels I will put your name in the mighty hat 4 times!

! This giveaway will end on the 16th of december !

Let the relaxing begin!



3 thoughts on “Win! The ultimate relaxed gaming position.

  1. Wauw, wat een toffe winactie. Ik doe graag mee! De Hangstoel ‘Habana’ nougat lounge ziet er echt zo tof uit! Lijkt me heerlijk om daar buiten op te zitten als het straks weer mooi weer is. Hoera!


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