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Nintendo and Universal are creating a theme park in Japan! 


I’m seriously starting right now with saving money for a trip to Japan in 2020. They say that in this year the theme park will be done. YAY!  Nintendo is working together with Universal for this park and I think that is a killer move!

I’m really curious to see what the park will look like and what they will incorporate in the park. It’s going to be a part of Universal studio’s Japan. My favorite character is Mario of course and I think there will be plenty of him there. Still I hope that they will incorporate gaming in to the theme park since every attraction is based on games. How about real life Mario Party? Dress up as your favorite character and play a big ass, real life board game with minigames in between to decide who’s turn it is. Man, I can see it in my head already but unfortunately I don’t know if this is going to happen. I did watch this video about the vision for the park. They want to make attractions that are suitable for every age and bring the gaming into the real life experience.

Here is the video with Nintendo itself explaining the vision. Enjoy!


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