About Luminous Nova – the Girl

The spark of enthusiasm always seems to ignite when I talk with other people, work on a project or just, do whatever. I am positive, creative and always full of idea bubbling madness. I strive to get the best out of everything even if it takes a little longer sometimes. Loving life and living it.

First of all, I am a twitch affiliate with a goal to become partner. To get there I support myself with a job as a taxi driver for 3 days in the week and do shows in stiltwalking, (belly)dance and any performance based on the event.

What is a Twitch affiliate?
Twitch is a website for broadcasting live content. I stream my gameplay and also IRL (In Real Life) streams where I talk, hula hoop or do whatever for that day. I hope to entertain with my live streams on twitch and been affiliated since may 2017. There are a minimum of requirements for becoming an affiliate of Twitch and with this status you can start by earning money via the channel.

Visit my page for more information!

About Luminous Nova – the Blog

The blog started years ago before I even knew of streaming. When I became affiliated with Twitch I stopped because I was focusing on producing content and managing social media channels. Now that I found a rhythm in my streaming I find myself aching to write again about everything that happens with it. It is quite the eventful journey and I want to record more of it and share some of the tips, tricks and struggles along the way.


———- Note

For the confused few who also see articles in Dutch, I started this blog in Dutch but saw that my blog was often viewed by other countries. Because of the game titles I assume. Since a lot of traffic bounced off my blog I decided to change it to English. I did’t have the balls yet to block the dutch articles because, you know, I’m still kinda proud of them. I’m translating the game articles and for my other lifestyle articles I just leave it. The core off my followers used to be Dutch so 🙂