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I’m Luminous Nova and I share my Girly Gamer articles or tech related stuff on this website you’re visiting right now, thanks for that and have fun okay?

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Tuesday 8.30-10.30 pm – Streaming whatever I feel like!

Friday 9.00-11.00 pm – Friday Fright night – Scary game time! (Solo stream)

Sunday 8.30-10.30 pm – Electronic Hypocrites (EHStreams) group stream.

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About the girl

For those who like to know more about me on a personal note keep reading.

To relax and work out I’m a bellydancer in the showteam called Kismet. We (hopefully) make a lot of people happy with our beautiful costumes and dance moves.

I’m also a stillt walker in the weekends or when I’m available. I dress up in the coolest costumes and entertain at festivals, company parties etc. The most unique show I did was at a wedding! If you’re curious about this and want some pictures, go to my Instagram and check it out, it’s awesome! Here one picture I have of me practicing in the park

If you want to work with me or have any questions go to the contact page and feel free to contact me. More about collaborations you can also find there 😉

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———- Note

For the confused few who also see articles in Dutch, I started this blog in Dutch but saw that my blog was often viewed by other countries. Because of the game titles I assume. Since a lot of traffic bounced off my blog I decided to change it to English. I did’t have the balls yet to block the dutch articles because, you know, I’m still kinda proud of them. I’m translating the game articles and for my other lifestyle articles I just leave it. The core off my followers used to be Dutch so 🙂


The girl who changed the game