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New Nintendo Switch console announced!


Lately I’ve been so busy on my playstation 4 and VR that I didn’t even have time for my Nintendo games. But the news of the new Nintendo Switch console got my enthusiastic again! In this post I will share the highlights of the new console and of course the trailer so you can see for yourself!

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Wii U – Game & Wario


When I saw the trailer for this game it was so weird and looked so much fun that when I saw the game with a discount I had to buy it. So what is this game like? It could either suck donkeyballs or be WAYY fun. Let’s start the review!

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Wii U – Captain Toad – Treasure tracker


A game from a while ago but now it’s fun to play again!  I was almost counting the days when this game would finally be out. In mario 3D world there were a few levels where you would have to play with toad. I’m guessing they did these small levels to test it on a big audience. A lot of people wanted to see more and so they made a whole game out of it! Wanna know more?
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