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Nintendo and Universal are creating a theme park in Japan! 

I'm seriously starting right now with saving money for a trip to Japan in 2020. They say that in this year the theme park will be done. YAY!  Nintendo is working together with Universal for this park and I think that is a killer move! I'm really curious to see what the park will look… Continue reading Nintendo and Universal are creating a theme park in Japan! 

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Win! The ultimate relaxed gaming position.

Yes! The first thing you can win on my blog is something you use to relax and unwind. As you can see this is a hanging chair but you can also choose a hammock if you want! In my case I decided to review a hanging chair because I thought that would be super awesome… Continue reading Win! The ultimate relaxed gaming position.

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Playstation VR extended first experience

YES YES YES. I'm super hyped about the VR, but you obviously knew that already because of my last blogpost. There were a few hiccups because I ordered it online and I was working during the time it came. I stressed, freaked, jumped and finally gave up on the thought I got to play on… Continue reading Playstation VR extended first experience

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September – Free playstation plus games

Quick! You have untill this friday (30 september) to download the free games from september that Playstation Plus members can acces. This month actually got a few cool games so hurry, hurry! Fire up your playstation while reading the article I have for you and start downloading before you have to pay for those games again. So… Continue reading September – Free playstation plus games