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Playstation VR extended first experience


YES YES YES. I’m super hyped about the VR, but you obviously knew that already because of my last blogpost. There were a few hiccups because I ordered it online and I was working during the time it came. I stressed, freaked, jumped and finally gave up on the thought I got to play on the day it came out. But luck was on my side and when I got home, 20 minutes later the VR glasses arrived! In this post I will take you with me on my first experience with virtual reality. Was it as awesome as I hoped? Or is nauseating and not really my cup of tea? Read and find out!

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May – Free Playstation 4 games


Don’t forget to check out the free games for members of Playstation Plus from may. I actually like 2 out of 3 this month! If you have a paying subscription you get free games every month. The games you get are very random. Most of them are Indie games but you also get a few very cool ones. For example I got Rocket League for free and this has grown out to be one of the most populair free games ever. Continue reading for the games of May.

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PS4 – Ratchet & Clank review


Ratchet & Clank review for the Playstation 4!

Time has never flown as fast as it did while playing Ratchet & Clank. As I blinked I found myself fighting a boss I couldn’t beat in one try. I thought to myself, am I at the end of the game? It feels like I’m playing for 10 minutes?! And no it’s not because the game is so short, it is because it’s so much fun! It’s a remake of the first part so if you never played Ratchet and Clank before this is your change to step in! Read more about the game in this blog! Continue reading PS4 – Ratchet & Clank review

Fall out 4 review – PS4


Vlak voordat mijn vriend zijn fall out 4 pip boy editie kreeg besloot ik de game ook te bestellen. Het is een eindeloze game met talloze uren aan gameplay vandaar dat het me leuk leek om samen in deze wereld te verdwalen. Co-op spelen kan natuurlijk niet maar tegelijk in je eigen wasteland lopen wel. Ik heb er nu zo’n 36 uur aan gameplay in zitten en dacht dat het wel tijd zou worden voor een Grande review.
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