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I am Twitch Affiliate!


Hi guys,

OMG I GOT AFFILIATED ON TWITCH!! As you all might know, I live stream on twitch for a couple of months now and am enjoying myself very much. (www.twitch.tv/luminousnova_) Twitch came up with this affiliate program to support small streamers and get them to a point where they can start earning money.

There are a lot of questions about the affiliate program and also a lot of rumors that are NOT true. Basicly it comes down to the fact that you get the option for ‘Bits’ in your chat so people can cheer for you! For every bit that is used you get 1 cent. You can already get 100 bits for $1.40. It’s an easy way of supporting each other and a fun way too!

Anyways. Hope to see you there too one time? Just updated my schedule:

Tuesday 8.30-10.30 pm – Streaming whatever I feel like!

Friday 9.00-11.00 pm – Friday Fright night – Scary game time! (Solo stream)

Sunday 8.30-10.30 pm – Electronic Hypocrites (EHStreams) group stream.

All my socials are placed at the blog, you probably found them already. Twitter is the best way to stay updated about my announcements and LIVE posts. You can of course also turn on the notifications on Twitch so you never miss it 😉 Oh and last but not least. Dyed my hair again. So update on the looks :


Have a nice day ^^

xoxo Luminous Nova



I have to put this code into a blog post to activate my Bloglovin account again.

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

It’s a platform where you can find and follow blogs. I’m gonna see how that works out for me…. 😉


September – Free playstation plus games


Quick! You have untill this friday (30 september) to download the free games from september that Playstation Plus members can acces. This month actually got a few cool games so hurry, hurry! Fire up your playstation while reading the article I have for you and start downloading before you have to pay for those games again.

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Ps4 Review – Child of light


Child of light for the Playstation 4. Before this game I played mostly on my Wii U but this game was exiting enough to fire up the PS4. What stands out about this game are the graphics and that is also what made me buy the game. It felt like a fairy tail on screen. Read more in the whole review.

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Fall out 4 review – PS4


Vlak voordat mijn vriend zijn fall out 4 pip boy editie kreeg besloot ik de game ook te bestellen. Het is een eindeloze game met talloze uren aan gameplay vandaar dat het me leuk leek om samen in deze wereld te verdwalen. Co-op spelen kan natuurlijk niet maar tegelijk in je eigen wasteland lopen wel. Ik heb er nu zo’n 36 uur aan gameplay in zitten en dacht dat het wel tijd zou worden voor een Grande review.
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